Locals Loot Bottles Of Alcohol After They Fell Off The Back Of An Overturned Lorry

Free drinks for you, you, you, you, you, you, aaaaaand you!

Locals in the Philippines rushed to grab as many bottles of an expensive brandy as they can when a lorry overturned.

Cardboard boxes went flying through the air after the accident but boxes that contained thousands of Emperador Brandy bottles.

As locals saw them, they decided to grab some for themselves.

According to witnesses, the truck that was carrying the brandies was taking a sharp corner turn on a mountain road in Quezon when it swerved and toppled over.

As a result of the accident, hundreds of boxes of the Emperador Brandy were left on the road.

Ryan Oliva, a witness of the incident, said:

People were going crazy. Everybody wanted to get something. Brandy is expensive so some people were taking them to sell. Other people just wanted to drink it. I felt sorry for the driver. The accident was not his fault. I watched what was happening but I didn’t take any of the liquor.

According to the Gumaca Municipal Police Station, the truck was on its way to a Bicol, a nearby province, when the accident happened.

As the truck toppled over, the doors suddenly opened, which left bottles of the Emperador Brandy scattered on the road.

A spokesperson of the Gumaca Police Station said:

People who saw what happened casually took a bottle and called for others so they could help with the “scavenging”. The accident caused commotion and a lot of traffic.

The total amount of damage of the incident was not released in the public.

The authorities also said that no one was seriously hurt during the accident.

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