Dog Is Rescued By Police Officers After Falling Through Ice On Frozen Pond In Texas

Police officers in Texas, USA, ended up rescuing a dog that accidentally fell into a frozen pond.

It was said that the dog was clinging to a sheet of thin ice when the authorities came, the rest of the body was inside the ice cold water.

Authorities of the Southlake Department of Public Safety said that officers responded to a 911 call reporting a dog had fallen through the ice of a frozen pond.

The incident happened at the White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, Texas.

The police arrived to find Shadow, a black Labrador retriever, clinging to a sheet of ice while struggling to keep their head above water.

In a short video that was shared by the authorities, Shadow could be seen trying to swim towards the officers, however, they were stuck.

The police ended up using a pole to break up the ice on the pond and one of the officers ventured into the water to escort the dog back to safety.

The department said:

Please watch your pets over the next few days, as many of them have never seen ponds and pools freeze over. They’re fast and curious! We’ve seen a number of pet rescues on Facebook lately, so please please please keep a vigilant eye on your beloved family members!

The authorities came at the perfect time to save the dog.

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