Drug trafficker wanted for 15 years arrested after attending birthday of beloved daughter

A drug trafficker from Italy who managed to escape getting arrested for 15 years caught after he returned home for the birthday of his beloved daughter.

David Cittadini, who is 49, is due to serve a sentence of 13 years and 4 mounts for criminal association and international drug trafficking.

The authorities said that they knew he lived in Spain but could not do anything.

They also knew that he stayed in touch with his mother and daughter, he is very attached to them.

In order to nab this man, the police stationed for days outside the apartment block of the mother.

When they saw the man go, they did what they had to do.

The police wore delivery employee customers when storming the apartment.

The police found David and evidence that suggested he forged his identity to fly in the country.

The fugitive was arrested while trying to hide in the bedroom of the house. 

In 2006, authorities of Italy ordered the arrest of David and 26 other suspects after an investigation by anti-Mafia prosecutors and special operations police.

David played a huge role in a ring that supplied cocaine and hashish from South America and Morocco to Rome.

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