Hero Finds 70 Stolen Dogs Locked In Cages While Searching For His Own Pet Dogs

A pet owner from Wales rescued 70 dogs that were locked in cages by a suspected crime gang while he was searching for his own pet dogs.

Tony Cronin, a pet-breeder, started his investigation after his 2 litters of puppies and 5 spaniels vanished from his house.

The incident happened in Carmarthenshire, West Wales.

After receiving a tip-off about one location, the man rushed there.

Upon arrival, he spotted 70 stolen dogs worth up to £40,000 in cages. 

Dyfed Powys Police said that 22 dogs have been returned to their owners and 46 of them remain in kennels.

2 arrests were also made at the site in Carmarthenshire.

Cronin, the saviour, said:

It was very really well hidden which is why they use it, and as we were going up the track a huge group of dogs came out to greet us. There were Westies, Labradors, Pugs – everything running at us barking like mad. Right in the middle of the group was one of my own dogs running towards me, her tail was between her legs as she was frightened. She was quite timid and then she saw me and she ran towards me and leaped into my arms and that was that.

Such a good find!

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