Horrible Owner Return Dog To Rescue Center Because Its Color Did Not Match Their Sofa

Such heartless people still exist in this world.

A former boss of a rescue center has shared a heart-breaking story that is viral on social media right now.

The former boss said that a dog was once returned to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home because its new owner said that its color did not match the sofa.

The person who did the horrible thing was later banned from any future adoptions.

Claire Horton, who recently stepped down as the chief executive of the center, was with an interview with Desert Islands Discs when she shared the story.

She also said that 10 percent of rescue pets are returned to animal shelters within 6 months.

She added:

Usually it will be a very genuine change in circumstances. So it could be an illness, someone might die. Then we’ll get people who will bring them back because they hadn’t thought it was going to wee on the carpet or chew the bottom of the door.  We even had a dog come back once because it didn’t match the sofa. What can you say? We took the animal back because we never judge. We rehomed it to somebody who really cared.

Horton herself is an owner of 3 dogs and a cat.

She also told the host during the interview that people should not look at the breed or color of the dog when they are adopting because it’s just being about a rescue.

Such a horrible thing to do, right?

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