Iguana Escapes Burning House By Jumping On Firefighter’s Helmet

Survival of the fittest.

An iguana is currently making headlines all over the world because of the thing that they did to save themself from a burning house.

The iguana that we are talking about escaped from a house fire by jumping on the helmet of a firefighter.

It was reported by BBC News that the house of the owner caught fire on the evening of Wednesday this week.

The incident happened in Whitworth Avenue, Corby.

As crews battled the flames, the iguana, which is the pet of the owner, leapt to safety on the head of a firefighter.

The news was announced by the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The spokeswoman of the rescue service said that the crew member did not even realize that there was something on their helmet.

The best thing about this incident is that the entire thing was caught on camera.

The spokesperson talked about the incident, where they said:

The fireman… didn’t realise the iguana had climbed on top of him at first as he initially thought it was a colleague touching his helmet. What a surprise he then had to find this iguana chilling on his head, eager to escape the burning building.

The fire rescue also shared a picture of the iguana riding the helmet of the firefighter on Twitter, where they said:

One of [the] occupants couldn’t wait to be rescued and jumped to safety to hitch a ride out!!

According to reports, the fire was caused by a heated mat that was in the living room.

No one was injured in the entire incident ,said the authorities.

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