Indian man orders mouthwash from Amazon, ends up getting a smartphone

Imagine ordering a mouthwash just to get a smartphone. Can’t relate? Well, that’s just you because a man from India can.

A man from Mumbai, India, has shared a hilarious incident on Twitter where he talked about how he ordered mouthwash from just to receive a smartphone.

I mean, jokes are on the guy that received the mouthwash instead of the smartphone.

Lokesh Daga, a co-founder of a luggage company, said that Amazon mistakenly delivered him a Redmi Note 4 smartphone instead of the mouthwash that he had ordered.

The best part about this is that Amazon is not allowing the man to return the package that he got because of their return policy.

Mouthwashes fall under consumable products, hence, it is not returnable.

The man right now is pleading the e-commerce giant to get the order so he can just get his mouthwash.

Daga is the co-founder of Nasher Miles, a luggage bags manufacturer.

His tweet went viral right away on social media.

Here are some hilarious responses on his tweet:

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