Surgeon removes one of the world’s largest facial tumor’s from guy’s face for free

A famous surgeon on TikTok recently revealed that they removed one of the world’s largest facial tumor’s from a guy’s face for free.

Watch the story below:

The doctor said that the size of the tumor was almost the same of a watermelon.

Charles, the patient, visited Dr. Graves, an oral and facial surgeon, after the left side of their face became swollen.

Scans later confirmed that it was a benign tumor.

The thing is, it was not just a normal benign tumor.

It was considered as one of the world’s largest facial tumors.

The mass reportedly grown to the size of a small watermelon in just less than 1 year.

The tumor was not causing Charles any pain, but because of how big it was, Charles said it was just uncomfortable.

It was also affecting his day to day activities.

In a post that was shared on TikTok, the doctor said that they will be removing the tumor for free because the opportunity to perform surgery on such big tumor was too good to pass up.

Before and after images of Charles were shared on Tiktok after the surgery was deemed as a success.

The video went viral right away.

It gathered over 788,000 likes on TikTok.

Viewers expressed their admiration for the doctor because they decided to help out the man for free.

Such an amazing act to do, right?

What are your thoughts on Dr. Graves and his kind act? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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