Good News

Pregnant mum saves 4 girls from drowning

A 27-year-old pregnant mother from Michigan, USA, is currently being hailed as a hero after she managed to save 4 girls from drowning.  Alyssa DeWitt, the woman, took her children to First Street Beach Pier at Lake Michigan on Tuesday. Upon arriving, she noticed a group of girls, all under the age of 15, going […]


Lost Italian village re-emerges from lake for the first time in 70 years

A lost village in Italy has re-emerged from a lake for the first time in the last 70 years. The world keeps on amazing me on a daily basis. It is said that the area was flooded for a hydroelectric plant. Curon, which is located in the province of SouthTyrol, was one home to hundreds […]


Firefighters Jump Into Freezing Waters To Rescue Scared Drowning Deer

Firefighters in Kansas are making headlines on the internet for carrying out a heroic act. The firefighters were called to assist the sheriff’s deputies to rescue a deer that fell into the ice-cold waters of a frozen lake. The incident happened on a lake that is located in the town of Edgerton. The Fire District […]