Kansas teenager banned from school bus for saying she’s a lesbian

A 13-year-old girl from the United States of America has been banned from her school bus after she said that she was a lesbian.

Izzy Dieker, who attends the Americus School in Americus, Kansas, was banned because of using vulgar language in her school bus.

The bus driver reportedly heard her saying that she was a lesbian during her usually 30 minute long bus ride.

The bus driver also said that the girl was not complying with orders.

Izzy is openly gay at school.

By the time Izzy arrived home later that day, her school had already contacted her father to let him know that she had been suspended from using the bus together.

During an interview with KSNT, a local news agency, Izzy said:

Once I got home my dad told me he got a call from the school that I was kicked off for saying ‘I’m a lesbian.

Tasha Cooper, the mother of Izzy, has struggled to get any response from the administration of the school.

He district superintendent has said that he is unable to discuss the details of the case.

Talking about her daughter, Tasha said:

She’s 13 years old and these are adults acting like this towards her. We’ve had talks about other students calling her names and I expect that because they’re repeating what their parents say. But for the staff, the people that I trust her with, I was angry.

Izzy went on:

It made me upset to think that people go through this everyday and also that kids are growing up thinking that it’s a horrible thing and they shouldn’t be talking about it at all when honestly it should be the other way around.

The classmates of Izzy and her teacher have given her their support.

They are wearing rainbow pins as a symbol of solidarity.

Michael Lanzrath, an Openly LGBTQ+ teacher, said:

I really just wanted to let Izzy know that there are people that absolutely support her. Our job as educators is to make sure that all our kids are taken care of. To us, all means all.

Corey Wilitz, the principal of the Americus School, has not yet released a comment about the incident.

Bob Flair, District Superintendent, said that they are unable to release a statement about the incident because the incident is confidential.

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