Lost Italian village re-emerges from lake for the first time in 70 years

A lost village in Italy has re-emerged from a lake for the first time in the last 70 years.

The world keeps on amazing me on a daily basis.

It is said that the area was flooded for a hydroelectric plant.

Curon, which is located in the province of SouthTyrol, was one home to hundreds of people.

But in 1950, it was submerged under water. 

Authorities at that time submerged the village under water after a dam was made.

2 lakes were merged together and a hydroelectric power plant was made.

The entire population of Curon was displaced.

160 homes were submerged under water at that time, said a report on the internet.

Right now, the area is called ad Lake Resia, which is now a tourist spot for hikers in the summer.

The lake is most visited during the winter season when the water freezes.

Tourists then manage to walk across the lake and look at the church spire in the middle.

But recently, more of the village was uncovered.

Lake Resia was temporarily drained for repair works and s a result, much of the village was covered.

Luisa Azzolinj, a local went down the lake to film and take images of the village.

She said she went down on May 16 this year after the lake was drained for repair purposes.

Talking about the historic village, she said:

All the houses were destroyed, except for the church tower that is always visible.

It is believed that some houses in the village dated back to the 14th century when it submerged under water.

Talking about the village, she said:

After 71 years, Curon re-emerges from the waters of Lake Resia. A strange feeling to walk among the rubble of houses. At Lake Resia, the remains of the ancient houses of Curon have resurfaced, the town that existed before the construction of the dam in 1950. Normally it is completely submerged by the waters of Lake Resia, but at this time for maintenance reasons, they have semi-dried the lake. A piece of South Tyrolean history.

The amount of history that’s present in that village is amazing.

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