Largest known human poop is 20cm long and belongs to a 9th century viking

The largest known human poop in history is 20 centimetres long and belongs to a viking that lived in the 9th century.

The poop is so famous that it is currently housed in a museum.

Not only that, but the longest poop in human history is as valuable as Jewels from the British monarchy  

The poop also has a name.

The Lloyds Bank is a human turd that dates back to the 9th century.

Studies that were carried out on the turd suggest that it belonged to a Viking man.

The poop was uncovered in the UK back in 1972.

It is believed that archaeologists from the York archaeological trust where excavating an area that soon became the York branch of a Lloyds bank.

It was there when they came across the largest poop in human history.

The human poop was handed over to officials who carried out tests.

The poop is 20 cm long and is 5 cm wide.

Researchers that carried out tests on the poop found out that the food was derived from a diet of male meat and bread.

The food was also described as moist and peaty.

Researchers also found hundreds of parasitic eggs in the poop. This allowed researchers to be certain that the ninth century man was filled was intestinal worms

Gill Snape, a student conservator with the York Archeological Trust, said:

Whoever passed it probably hadn’t performed for a few days, shall we say. This guy had very itchy bowels.

The poop is currently house in York’s Archaeological Resource Centre.

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