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Lucky Man Buys Two Identical Lottery Tickets And Hits Jackpot On Both

A man from North Carolina accidentally bought up two identical lottery tickets, which hit the jackpot! 

49-year-old Scotty Thomas, who is from Fayetteville, North Carolina, could not remember filling in the form for the state’s Lucky for Life Lottery, which is why he did it again.

Little did he know at that time that a small accidental mistake would make him a lot richer.

Talking about what happened, Scotty said:

I was just laying in bed watching a basketball game on TV and I couldn’t remember if I filled it out or not. I went ahead and filled it out again and the next morning my son asked why there were two different amounts listed. I realized, ‘I think I filled it out twice.’

When the results came in, he was shocked considering that he had won a lot of money. 

Talking about the win, he said:

It’s just a blessing. When I realized I won, I had to lay down on the floor because I really just couldn’t believe it.

Scotty refused to take the yearly payment method for the win, and instead, he went for a lump sum.

He went home with $780,000 for both tickets.

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