Man Hacks Ferocious Cougar To Death With Machete As It Mauls His Labrador

An unnamed man in Canada was caught on camera hacking a ferocious cougar to death with a machete as it was reportedly mauling its pet Labrador.

The man launched the attack on the cougar after his dog was mauled by the cougar itself.

According to a man, who claims to the best friend of the man, the incident happened in the Bear Creek, a nature reserve.

Bear Creek is located just outside the Canadian city of Vernon British Columbia.

Todd McMurray said that the man in question had been warned about the cougar but it was too late when he noticed the wild animal.

He ran to grab his machete right away when his pet was attacked.

Todd said:

The 3 legged lab was his girlfriends dog named Chopper, who unfortunately had to be put down due to massive injuries two days later. Conservation officers the next day confirmed that the cougar was half starved and likely going to die because it’s mouth and paws had several porcupine quills festering.

The man’s friend also detailed that he had beaten the feline to death with a machete, which was originally used for camping.

Todd claims that he used the machete to save his beloved dog.

The video went viral on social media right away, with many viewers claiming that they would do the same thing for their dogs.

Adult male cougars are capable of weighing up to 200 pounds while females weigh up to 120 pounds.

Wild cougars prey on deer but also feed on smaller animals such as insects and livestock.

Would you do the same thing for your pet? Let us know what you would have done if you were in the same situation as Todd’s friend.

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