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Woman Wins $47 Million In Lottery Jackpot Thanks To Numbers That She Got From Husband’s Dream

A woman from Toronto, Canada, is making headlines all over the world after she won a massive amount of money in a lottery thanks to the numbers that she had used, which came from the dream of her husband. What an amazing story! The woman said that she had used the same lottery numbers since […]


Vancouver Woman Is Being Forced To Choose Between Her Home And Dog Because Her Pet Is “Too Tall”

A woman from Vancouver, Canada, is currently being forced to choose between her pet dog and home because the pet that she has is reportedly “too tall” to be living inside the apartment. Scott, the 9-month-old Golden Retriever dog, is a little bit tall to be living with her owner in the Surrey Strata Housing […]


Taxi Driver Takes Passenger Who Refused To Wear Face Mask Directly To Police Station Where He Got $690 In Fines

A drunk passenger that was refusing to wear a face mask was directly brought to the police station by the taxi driver themselves. The incident happened on New Year’s Day, said reports. According to reports, the drunk driver was refusing to wear a mask in a taxi on New Year’s Day and the driver was […]