Man Somehow Survives After Plunging Nine Storeys From Tower Block Onto Parked Vehicle

A man was lucky to be alive after plunging nine storeys from tower block onto a parked vehicle.

The man, who was not named, is around 31 years old.

According to official reports, the man plunged from a building in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Witnesses of the incident said that the entire happening was like a movie scene.

Images of the incident were also shared on social media, and you can see the parked vehicle that the man landed on had its roof flattened from the impact.

Most of the vehicle’s windows were smashed.

The thing is, the man fell, got up and walked himself off the vehicle even after being part of something that dangerous.

During an interview with New York Post, Christina Smith, a witness of the scene, said that she heard a big boom.

She added:

I heard a big boom and I didn’t think it was a person at first. The back window of the car just busted out — exploded. Then the guy jumped up and started screaming. His arm was all twisted. I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I was shocked. It was like being in a movie.

The man then asked Christina what had happened, where Christina told him that he fell down on the vehicle.

Christina called 911 right away to alert emergency services so the man could be treated.

The witness said that the 31-year-old man was screaming in pain from his injuries, however, he also managed to move onto the pavement.

The man was later rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and is currently in critical condition.

The man said that he had jumped out of an open window of the building.

The man refused to give his name and was not cooperating with the police that are investigating the incident.

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