Massive 40 Stone Tiger In India Forces Motorists To Stop So He Could Cross A Road

A massive tiger is making headlines all over India after they were caught on cam forcing motorists to stop at an instant so they could cross a road.

Yep, a 40 stone tiger did that.

Bikers in India were left stunned after they were forced to slam on the brakes after a massive 40 stone tiger decided to stop them so they could cross the road.

Images that were shared on social media just shows how dangerous and enormous the snake is.

The incident that we are talking about happened in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India.

The Tiger Reserve is home to around 80 massive wild tigers.

Bhargava Srivari, a 29-year-old wildlife photographer, talked about the incident and said:

I knew deep down that the tiger would try his best to avoid the road or at least try not to be seen by people while he crossed. However he seemed to have decided that as he had company in any case, it was just best to jog across the road into the other side of the forest. While the tiger was certainly taken by surprise just as much as the bikers, I don’t think he ever intended to attack them. It is not easy to be exposed to a 250-kilo killing machine on a motorbike and keep your calm. So kudos to these bikers for holding it together and patiently waiting for the tiger to walk across.

Such an amazing thing to catch on camera, right?

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