School Threatens Court Action Because Muslim Student Is Wearing A “Skirt” That Is Too Long

A school in Hillingdon, Middlesex is now threatening court action because a Muslim student of theirs is wearing a skirt that is too long for them.

A lot of students are usually called in for wearing skirts that are too short, but Siham Hamud, a 12-year-old Muslim student, is currently being called out wearing a skirt that is too long.

The little girl wants to wear a long skirt because of the teachings in their religion, however, the school does not agree with her.

The girl was sent home every single day in the month of December because she was wearing a long skirt.

55-year-old Idris Hamud, the father of Siham, said that the girl was sent home every single day to change, however, she constantly refused.

The school in Hillingdon is now threatening to action steps to take Idris and wife Salma Yusuf, 44, to court.

They want to do that so they could get an explanation on why the girl is not coming to school.

Siham, who is currently studying from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, talked with the local press about the incident.

She said:

It feels like bullying because of what I believe. I think they should just let me wear my school uniform to school. I like school normally, and English, drama and RE are my favourite lessons but I couldn’t attend. I find it annoying because I’ve missed a month of school, so I have to catch up a lot. I wish I could just have gone to school as normal. t makes me feel left out, because I can’t see my friends either. They aren’t accepting me for my religion and that’s wrong. I feel confused and annoyed that I can’t wear what I want for my religion. I hope they’ll change their rules so that girls like me wear skirts to school.

Idris, the father of the little girl, said:

My daughter is being denied an education because of her religious beliefs. All Siham wants to do is to wear a skirt which is a few centimetres longer than her classmates – and I don’t know why the school has such a problem with this. She is sent home to change into a shorter skirt then return to school later that day – but she isn’t going to change her beliefs in an hour. The school is threatening to take legal action against me, but I’m not forcing her to wear a longer skirt – it’s her faith and her decision to make.

The family said that the new school uniform rule for skirts was introduced 2 years ago.

The family said that they did not know anything about the rule until on December 1, when their daughter was stopped and was told that her skirt was too long.

Sumayyah, the 19-year-old sister of the girl, and Ilham, the 17-year-old sister of the girl, wore the same skirts to school and they did not face any issue.

The father of the kids said that they follow a traditional branch of Islam, which means that they want to believe and follow their religion in a pure way.

This also means that women should only wear long skirts.

The school sent a letter to the parents.

It said:

Siham’s absence is being recorded as unauthorised. Unauthorised absence may result in a fine being issued, or legal action being taken against the adults who have parental responsibility or day-to-day care of your child. Legal action can be in the form of a penalty notice or a summons to the magistrates’ court. I must ask that you support the school and your daughter by ensuring that she attends school in full school uniform with immediate effect.

Idris, the father of the kids, said that he still does not understand how the skirt of her child has caused so much issue.

He added:

I don’t know why her skirt has suddenly become such an issue. She’s always been a bright girl, one of the top in her class, and she loved school – and now they just keep sending her home. Siham makes her own decisions about her religion, and I can’t make her wear clothes she doesn’t want to wear, so neither should the school.

Idris explained that the issue is due to be discussed on a complaints panel.

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