Motorist escapes death after tree struck by lightning falls over his car

A school teacher from Alabama, USA, is making headlines all over the internet after they managed to escape from the hands of death.

Images that are viral on social media shows the car of the teacher crushed by a huge tree that fell after it was struck by lightning.

Henri Cheramie was caught on camera standing inside his vehicle after a giant branch landed on the front of his Honda vehicle.

The man said that his quick thinking helped him survive the incident.

Talking about the incident he said: 

I see lightning just arc across the sky and hit a tree. I lean a bit and go ‘did lightning just strike that’ and the next thing I know, half of my body is out of the sunroof and the top of the car is being weighed down by a giant branch that is bisected just where my face is. I felt like Buster Keaton.

The thing is, the bad luck of this man did not stop there.

While he was trapped inside the car, the lightning struck again.

He said power lines lit up and started to explode.

After that happened, the man said he started to shout for help as they did not want to “die”.

Luckily, the man did not sustain any injuries throughout the incident.

He was treated at the scene for minor cuts and bruises, said multiple reports.

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