Police Dog Named Kato Uncovers Storage Unit Full Of Drugs

A police dog in the United States of America is currently making headlines for an amazing thing that they had done.

The dog, a German Shepherd, whose name is Kato, successfully tracked down a storage unit that was full of drugs.

The incident happened in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Kato was brought to the storage unit after a traffic stop in Illinois led the Tallmadge Police to the location.

The sniffer dog showed signs that helped the police officers know that there are drugs inside the unit.

A search warrant was obtained from a judge and the raid was conducted.

During the raid, the authorities found 128 pounds of marijuana and 508 containers for THC edibles.

On a post that was made on Facebook, the Tallmadge Police said:

Last week, a traffic stop in Illinois led officers to a storage unit in Tallmadge. K9 Kato was taken to the location where he alerted to a storage unit indicating that there were narcotics inside. With the assistance of K9 Kato, officers were able to get a search warrant. Inside the unit 128 lbs of marijuana and 508 containers of THC edibles were located.

The police said that Kato has been with the team for 2 years now.

He is being handled by Officer Corzine.

In some parts of the United States, Marijuana is legal, however recreational use of marijuana is currently not allowed in Ohio.

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