Police Officer Arrests Waitress In Spain For Serving Him Bad Coffee And Court Backs Him Up

All baristas out there, you guys need to make sure you’re extra careful when handing out coffees to police officers because your future depends on it.

A ruling from a court near Pamplona, which is located in northern Spain, says that a police officer did the right thing by arresting a waitress for serving him a terrible iced coffee.

The officer’s behavior was not arbitrary and the arrest for disobedience and disturbing the peace was legal, said the court in Navarre.

The unnamed police officer and waitress got into a spat after he almost spat out the iced brew that he was served with.

The incident happened at the Pamplona Petrol Station in July of 2019, said the court.

The police officer then asked the woman to step outside, where the argument continued.

When the barista responded to him in an angry manner, the police officer decided that she was at risk of disturbing the peace and decided to take her in.

The court found that the arrest is “in no way be considered disrespectful” and the woman’s behavior outside the restaurant was disobedient.

The court or the police department did not release a statement about the incident and the ruling of the court.

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