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Police Officer Pulls Over Great Grandmother And Gives Her Gift Card So She Could Fix Her Car

A police officer pulled over a great grandmother over a broken brake light and gave her a gift card so she could get it fixed.

So instead of giving a ticket, he just helped her out.

We need more officers like him.

Watch the entire video below:

Sergeant Wayne Costa, a police officer with the Orlando Police Department, was out on patrol when he saw the woman.

She had a faulty light and after pulling her over, the officer told her that he knew everyone was finding it tough at the moment.

He also told her that he did not want to give her a fine.

The man handed her a $25 gift voucher for Advance Auto Parts so she could go and get her car sorted without having to worry about the additional cost of penalty notice.

The man told her:

I’m gonna do you a favour. So what I’m gonna do is instead of giving you a ticket, I’m going to give you this card. It’s a gift card to Advance Auto Parts, and then you can use it to fix this car. This way I don’t have to give you a ticket. I don’t want to give you a ticket, it’s too hard right now.

The grandmother said that she was doing the best she could.

Sgt. Costa also told her that God Bless her for doing what she was doing.

Such an amazing thing, right?

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