Seagull Eats Man’s Tongue After It Was Bitten Off During Kiss With Female

Probably the weirdest title you have ever read in your life.

The tongue of a man was eaten by a seagull after it was bitten off as they were kissing a female gangster.

A part of James McKenzie’s tongue was swiped by the bird from the pavement after it was bitten off by 27-year-old Bethany Ryan.

The Edinburgh Sherriff Court was told that the man was permanently maimed  after an argument with Bethany.

The incident happened in Leith Walk.

Prosecutor Susan Dickson said that the row led to McKenzie threatening Ryan with a strong fist ready.

However, the woman responded by pushing him on the body and kissing him.

Dickson added:

She kissed him on the lips and bit through his tongue, which caused a piece to be removed. Mr McKenzie walked off and spat it out, at which point the piece of muscle was picked up by a large seagull that made off with it.

The  victim was taken to a hospital.

The man reportedly had blood dripping everywhere when they were brought to the hospital.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the man, may he recover from the injury that he sustained.

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