Quick-Thinking Student Locks Thief Inside Mercedes A45

Scotland: A quick-thinking student managed to lock a thief inside a Mercedes vehicle after they tried to steal the car.

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment a Rebecca Cheuk managed to lock the thief inside her vehicle.

As the thief was inside, she alerted the police and waited for them to arrive.

the woman said she glanced outside her window at around 9pm on September 29, 2021, and was shocked when she found a stranger inside her Mercedes A45.

His face was illuminated by the interior lights.

The nursing student grabbed her keys and locked the car until the police arrived.

The student, from Buckhaven in Fife, continued to re-lock the luxury car – which costs up to £57,000 – every time he tried to get out, and eventually the bloke gave up.

The police arrested the man after they arrived at the scene.

The owner of the car said she only checked out because her dogs were barking.

She filmed the entire incident from inside her house as the man reached into the glove compartment and tried to ignite the car.

The student shared the video on social media to encourage others from doing the same thing in case they get into a similar situation.

She said:

A guy just tried to steal my Mercedes A45, keep an eye out. At 9pm tonight I heard a strange male voice outside my house and a car door shutting. Next thing you know my dogs went mental, barking constantly. I looked out and down my drive to find a random guy in my car trying to start it and steal it. I went to phone 999 straight away for the police and kept on locking him in my car whenever he tried to get out, about 100 times. Luckily the police came fast and arrested him as I was so shaken I’m just 21 and living by myself. This was in the Buckhaven area. Please be careful, feel free to share.

The police did not reveal any other information about the incident.

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