Teenager who went missing in 2010 found living with boyfriend near her parent’s house

Kerala, India: A teenager, who was just 18 when they went missing, was found by her family members 11 years after she disappeared from her house in Ayalur village.

Sajitha was just 18 years old when she disappeared from her house in Ayalur vilalge, which is located in Palakkad, India.

Her family gave up hope of her return.

The thing is, they were looking at the wrong places.

It was recently found that the woman was living 500 meters away with her boyfriend.

Alinchuvattil Rahman, the boyfriend, lives with his mother.

That’s not it.

The mother of the man was not aware of his partner because he was constantly locking his bedroom.

Sajitha reportedly kept herself entertained by watching a small TV.

She used her headphones to prevent her partner’s family from hearing her when she was in the house.

The family of Rahman were trying to find a wife for him, but because he was constantly rejecting their offer, they were getting curious.

Basheer, the brother of the boy, said that he would evade the issue and would become really angry.

Basheer said that the man would sometimes behave like a mentally deranged person.

The family said he constantly turned violent if someone tried to get into his room.

Basheer said:

He would even take his food in to eat… During the day, as everyone was at work, Rahman and Sajitha would have the house to themselves.

A neighbour of the family said:

What we understand is that he had removed a few bars from his room’s window. There was no attached toilet and hence Sajitha would go out through the window at night, or when the parents were away.

So how was the woman found?

3 months ago, Sajitha left the house of her boyfriend on the day he had a very big argument with his family.

The pair moved to another village, where they could live their life in a normal way.

The family of Rahman filed a missing person’s report.

This revealed the 2 and their horrifying secret.

Talking about the unusual case, Deepa Kumar A, a House Officer at the Nenmara Police Station, said that Sajitha and Rahman kept their relationship hidden because they came from different religious backgrounds.

The police said:

Their story sounds unusual, but we took the couple to Rahman’s house and they told us how Sajitha had lived secretly in a single room for all these years.

Locals thought that Sajitha would not come back because she had been gone for so long.

The family thought that she might have went with someone to Tamil Nadu.

The couple appeared before a local court.

The court said that the 2 can live together after Sajitha said that she wanted to live with Rahman.

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