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Stranded For 5 Hours: Hiker Survives 100-Foot Fall Onto Cliff Ledge

A hiker from the United States of America survived 100 foot drop on a cliff edge even after remaining there for 5 hours.

The man, who is 29 years old, was hiking in an area west of Ensign Peak, which is located near downtown Salt Lake City.

The horrible news was announced by Salt Lake City Fire Department.

On Sunday this week, the Utah Fire Department released a statement about the incident.

The statement reads:

This morning SLC Fire’s Heavy Rescue Team rescued a 29 yr. old male hiking in the area that fell more than 100 feet landing on a cliff ledge. 

Tony Stowe, a Fire Captain, said that the man tumbled down a mountain and came to a stop just before the cliff edge.

The man lost his phone while he was falling and failed to call the emergency hotline to get immediate help.

The man ended up being stranded there for over 5 hours on the cliff.

When he was stuck there, the man flashed his flashlight, waved his arms, and was continuously yelling out for help.

He ended up getting the attentions of a group of homeless people that live in the area, they called 911 right away.

The fire department arrived at the scene and rescued the man.

The identity of the man was not shared with the public.

According to reports, the hiker was conscious when help came, however, the man was a bit disoriented at that time, said the officials.

The man had injuries on his leg and pelvis.

He was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

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