Stray Dogs Turn Pink In City Where They Were Previously Found With Blue Fur Due To Pollution From Chemical Factory

Stray dogs have turned pink in the same city where they were previously found with blue fur due to pollution from an abandoned chemical factory.

Last week, it was revealed to the public that a pack of stray dog in a city in Russia turned blue after they got in contact of chemicals at an abandoned factory in the city.

The pictures were taken in Dzerzhinsk, a city that is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia.

The fur of the dogs went blue because of pollution that was emitted by chemical waste near a disuses factory.

The Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo plant, an abandoned factory that closed down six years ago, is the one to blame.

But the plant is not supporting what locals are telling them,

The bankruptcy manager of the plant said that the images were not real and said that they were a prank.

However, 1 week after that, the dogs are now changing colors again.

The dogs are now pink colored.

Andrey Mislevets, the manager of the plant, said that the dogs could have contacted some copper sulphate while they were wandering around the abandoned buildings.

They added:

Homeless dogs are running around. Perhaps in one of the buildings, they found some chemical residue like copper sulphate. I heard that a few years ago dogs were seen whose fur had unnatural colours. They found something, nobody controls them.

Exprts are still trying to know why the dogs turned blue and pink.

The city spokesperson of the city said:

The dogs are on the territory of a private company. Talks are being held with the chiefs of the enterprise about the possibility of catching the dogs. They must be checked, their health must be assessed, and the reason for their hair dye must be found.

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