Bear climbs up two utility poles and sits on wires

This one is different. A bear in Arizona Border City was caught on camera climbing up 2 utility poles and even sitting on the wires. I mean, bro, that’s one heavy bear and the fact they managed to climb up that is just amazing. Residents of a border city in Arizona were left in complete […]


Arizona Man Fakes Own Kidnapping So He Could Evade Work

A man from Coolidge, Arizona was arrested by the police after they faked their own kidnapping just to evade their work. The man reportedly claimed that he had been kidnapped near 1st Street and Northern Avenue in Coolidge to get out of work. The Casa Grande Dispatch reported at around 5:25 pm on February 10, […]

Good News

Police Officer Adopts Little Girl He Comforted While On Duty

A police officer from Arizona, USA, is making headlines all over the world for doing such a good act. The Arizona Police Officer adopted a little girl that he had comforted while they were on duty. Yes, that happened and everything about it is just amazing! Brian Zach, a lieutenant of the Kingman Police Department, […]