Someone Left Their Home In The Middle Of The Road

The police in Missouri, USA, are currently asking the public and the internet to help them solve a mystery that has left them baffled. What’s the mystery? Well, someone abandoned their mobile home in the middle of the road. The news was announced by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in a post on Facebook. They […]


Woman left bemused after finding fox stuck in her washing machine

A 32-year-old woman from London was left bemused after she found a fox stuck in her washing machine at their house. To prove it, she even shared an image on social media. 32-year-old Natasha Prayag was left astonished after finding the creature cooped up in the washing machine at her house in London on May […]


Skinniest House In London Is Currently Up For Sale And You Can Get It For $1.3 Million

In this episode of things no one wants to buy but is still getting a lot of attention because of the bizarre price that it has. The skinniest house in London, England, is currently up for sale and the price that it has is just blowing people away. Watch the video below: The 6-foot wide […]

Good News

7-Year-Old Hero Jumps Through Window To Get Inside Burning House So He Could Save Baby Sister

A 7-year-old boy from the USA is currently being hailed as a hero after they managed to get inside their burning house through a window in order to save their little sister that got left inside. The incident that we are talking about happened in Tennessee, USA. Eli Davidson, the 7-year-old boy, jumped through the […]