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Man Finds Over $46,000 Cash In Metal Box Hidden By Grandfather Under Attic Floorboards

A man successfully found 46,000 USD cash inside a metal box that was hidden by a grandfather under the floorboards of the attic. It was revealed by Keith Wille, a treasure hunter, that the box was filled with $46000 cash. Wille has been helping people to find lost items for over 10 years. He was […]


Taiwanese Taxi Driver Is Offering Free Rides To Passengers If They Sing Karaoke During Their Trip

A taxi driver in Taiwan is currently giving people free lifts if they sing karaoke during their short or long trip. 57-year-old Tu Ching Liang is making headlines all over the world thanks to his amazing act, which he records and shares on his YouTube channel, which is really famous. His videos have millions of […]