Shelley’s Eagle-Owl That Hasn’t Been Seen In 150 Years Is Spotted In A Rainforest In Ghana

A giant owl that has not been seen in the wild for the last 150 years has been finally spotted in a rainforest in Ghana, raising hopes for the survival of the vulnerable species. According to reports, the Shelley’s Eagle-Owl was spotted in the Atewa Forest in Ghana on October 16. The discovery was made […]

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Owl Is Rescued After Spending 2 Nights In Extractor Fan Within The Kitchen Of An Empty Hotel

An owl was rescued by the RSPCA after they got stuck in a filthy extractor fan that was in the kitchen of an empty hotel. According to reports, the owl spent 2 days there before they got rescued. The poor owl was discovered by the owner of the Alhambra Court Hotel in York after the […]