Mother Who Left London To Join ISIS Begs Officials To Be Allowed To Return With 3 Kids

A mother who left London to join ISIS in Syria is now hoping to return to the UK with her kids. Nicole Jack, the mother, used to live in Shepherd’s Bush in West London before she took her daughters to Syria in 2015. The 34-year-old former London resident is now being detained with her seven-, […]


Massive bears charge at crowd after being released back into the wild from cages

A group of people ended up running for their lives after massive bears charged at them after they were being released back into the wild from cages. According to reports, 6 Syrian brown bears were being released back into the wild when the incident happened. The animals had been taken in blue steel cages to […]

Good News

India gifts 2,000 tonnes of rice to Syria as humanitarian aid

India will be gifting 2,000 tons of rice to Syria as a humanitarian aid and in order to make sure there is food security in the country. This comes in a string of measures to help the war-torn country, where economic collapse has been reported. Most of the population of the country is also in […]