Woman finds black snake hiding in her bathtub

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a woman screaming on the top of her lungs after finding a black snake inside her bathtub. The snake could be seen coming out of the drain and hiding back in the video. She shared the video along with the caption that she would […]


Google Earth user left in tears after finding grandmother on street view years after she passed away

Technology is evolving and it is capture some things that we might never as humans. A Google Earth user was left in tears after they found their grandmother on street view years after they had passed away. In the images that they shared on Tiktok, the man found her late grandmother chilling out in her […]


Woman regrets wearing turmeric face mask for acne after face turns orange for 3 weeks

Turmeric is really healthy, but the yellow-orange colour that it leaves behindĀ  can really be hard to remove. A woman did not know that and she is currently regretting it. Lauren Rennie, the woman, put on a turmeric face mask, which left her face orange for a number of days and she is regretting it […]


TikTok User Reveals Skin Graft Left Her With Pubes Growing Out Of Her Finger

A TikTok user from America has revealed that she has pubes growing out of her finger after a skin graft was carried out. Rae, the TikTok user, took part on a internet challenge. In the challenge, users share really weird thing their bodies bodies do. Talking about the condition, Rae said that she had a […]