Stranger Gets Phone Number Of TiKTok Star Off Her Dog’s Collar

A TikTok star has claimed that a stranger managed to get their number and asked them out after grabbing her personal contact off her dog’s collar. Michelle Kimball was out for a walk with her German Shepherd NIlla near to her house  in North  Carolina when she said a  friendly m ang  stopped  her under […]


Mother Who Never Uses Contraception And Had First Child At 14 Is Now Expecting 12th Baby

A mother of 11 kids who had her first kid when she was just 14 is expecting again. 36-year-old Veronica Merritt said she is going to be a mother of 12 kids next summer as she made the big announcement on TikTok. Veronica said she gave birth for the first time when she was just […]


Woman finds black snake hiding in her bathtub

A video that is viral on social media right now shows a woman screaming on the top of her lungs after finding a black snake inside her bathtub. The snake could be seen coming out of the drain and hiding back in the video. She shared the video along with the caption that she would […]

Good News

24-Year-Old Son Pays Off Father’s Mortgage So He Could Retire Early

A 24-year-old son is currently making headlines all over the internet for doing something not many kids do these days. The kind son shared a video of himself surprising his father by paying off his mortgage so he could retire early. Yes, that’s a good child right there. Jamie Nyland, who is from Gloucestershire, shared […]