Taxi Driver Takes Passenger Who Refused To Wear Face Mask Directly To Police Station Where He Got $690 In Fines

A drunk passenger that was refusing to wear a face mask was directly brought to the police station by the taxi driver themselves.

The incident happened on New Year’s Day, said reports.

According to reports, the drunk driver was refusing to wear a mask in a taxi on New Year’s Day and the driver was fed up with it.

Not having any of the bad vibes the passenger was bringing, the driver brought the man directly to the police station.

The authorities ended up giving the man a $690 fine.

The driver is based in Victoria, Vancouver, and they called 911 to report a man that was refusing to wear a mask inside his cab.

The passenger was also touching the face of the driver and was not following any of the coronavirus restrictions.

When the taxi arrived at the Victoria Police Department’s Headquarters, the authorities came.

The passenger also refused to get out and he was removed and brought into custody.

The man was fined $230 on each count of failing to wear a facial covering, being abusive or belligerent, and for failing to comply with the direction of a police officer.

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