Tiktoker wakes up to find her van was covered in bees

A TikToker is making headlines all over the world after they woke up and found that their van was covered in bees.

Erika Thompson, a professional beekeeper, woke up and found that her van was infested with bees.

Watch the video below:

Luckily, her profession coordinates with the problem thar aroused.

In a video that she shared on May 14, 2021, she showed the moment she discovered her van with thousands of bees.

Erika said that her van was covered in more bees than usual, so she decided to check out what was happening.

By the way, she ran outside in her pyjamas. It shows she’s a complete boss.

Upon investigating, she realized that a swarm of bees that she had rescued the night before had left the hive that she had put them in.

They were swarming around.

Despite her efforts to try to entice the bees back into the hive, they did not appear to be in a rush to back in.

Erika tracked down the queen bee and placed her inside a special clip.

She moved the bee to a different place and when the other bees realized where their queen was, they went into their new hive.

Erika literally saved the bees while wearing her pyjamas.

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