United Airlines ready to reintroduce supersonic flights in commercial capacity

United Airlines is now intending to bring back the loud, speedy, and really amazing mode of transportation, which we used to call as supersonic flights.

Boom, a company from Denver, USA, is currently developing supersonic jets.

They will be providing the planes to United Airlines by 2029.

They are planning to provide the company with 15 planes. 

Supersonic flights will enable passengers to travel faster and the thing with them is that they fly at 60,000 feet.

Right now, the average plane that we ride travels at 560 miles per hour, but the Overture Supersonic Airplane will reach over 2 times that.

It will be flying at 1,122 miles per hour.

The speed will allow to cut the flight time from New York to London in half.

The thing is, they are really good, but they are really loud and they have a significant impact on the environment.

But the thing is, Overture will not be louder than the Concorde.

The Concorde was so loud that people usually thought that something had exploded on the ground.

Kathy Savitt, the chief commercial officer of Boom, said:

In order to fly supersonic, you will need more power, you will need more fuel.

Savitt also noted that they hope the aircraft would become a net-zero carbon aircraft.

The fuel required for the Overture aircraft is going to be resourced from animal fat and high-energy crops.

Also, Boom said that they are confident that the power-to-liquid processes that converts wind energy into a liquid fuel.

They said that it could be developed and could be used to assist in powering vehicles. 

Right now, the company is trying to meet safety requirements.

As soon as they meet them, they will mass produce them.

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