Airplane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Stowaway Cat Attacked Pilot

This is something you will never hear in your life. A stowaway cat was the reason why a flight that was bound to Qatar ended up making an emergency landing. It was reported that the cat had attacked the pilot of the flight when it was in the air. The flight was on its wat […]


Police stop airplane that was preparing to take off so they could arrest child abduction suspect

The police ended up stopping an airplane that was preparing to take off from the Heathrow Airport so they could arrest a child abduction suspect that was on board. The police stopped the taxiing aircraft after it was reported that a man on the flight had taken a 4-year-old girl without the permission of the […]


Private Airplane With 69 Passengers Lands 250 Kilometers Away From Original Destination

The story that we are about to share below is just hilarious and a complete fail that could have been prevented. 69 passengers of a private airplane in Nepal ended up landing in a place 250 kilometers away from their original destination. Yes, that happened. According to reports, flight Buddha Air’s flight U4505 was on […]