Woman comes back from holiday to find baby rats sleeping in the blankets of her bed

Imagine going out for a couple of days just to find baby rats taking over everything that you own.

A woman named Olivia Longstaff recently shared images on social media showing tiny baby rats sleeping on her bed.

She revealed in a post that she was away from her house for a couple of days and returned back just to find the animals living freely.

In the clip that she shared on Twitter, it showed that she found 6 of the delicate little animals in the bed.

They were just hours old at the time of the filming.

In the video she said:

We just found these in the bed. We went away for a couple of days and they were in our comforter. I sat down and I heard something… aww babies.

The rats were hairless and were squeaking non-stop as they were lying on the top of the bed, said Olivia.

They were right next to a chewed-up hole in the blanket.

Olivia said she lives in a farmhouse.

She is known on TikTok for sharing animal videos and livestock that she looks after.

Despite having a lot of experience with such animals, she said she was still shocked by what she found upon returning.

She explained:

Well we do live in a farm so it’s not the craziest thing to find inside! I love animals so much that after a quick freak-out after finding them, I was stoked to get a close look.

That’s one scary thing to find in your house after coming back from a vacation.

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