Bride Hugs Former Boyfriend For Final Time Seconds After Saying “I Do”

A bride has sparked outrage on social media after she asked her new husband to hug her former boyfriend for a final time seconds after she said “I do”.

Watch the video below:

Mayangkumay, a TikTok user, posted a video on social media that was taken at her wedding reception in Malaysia.

It showed the moment she asked for the permission of the groom for the unusual request.

In the video, she could be heard asking the husband if she could hug her former love for the last time.

After being allowed to do so, she gave her former lover a warm embrace and rubbed his back along with a number of dialogues.

People were not happy with the incident, particularly people that saw the video on the viral video application.

A lot of people pointed out the fact that the husband was looking hurt.

Shortly after hugging the former love, the ex shakes the hand of the groom, who pulls him in for a hug.

The video has gathered over 2.5 million views on social media.

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