German Prison Changes 600 Locks After Intern Shared Pictures Of Keys On WhatsApp

A prison in Germany was forced to change all their locks after one of their trainee ended up sharing a picture of the prison keys on social media.

Yep, an intern shared pictures of the keys on WhatsApp.

The intentions of the intern were not of bad, however, it placed the security of the prison in complete jeopardy.

As a result of one simple mistake, the prison changed all their locks.

The intern, who was not named, worked at the JVA Heidering Prison in Berlin-Brandenburg’s metropolitan, Germany.

He took a picture of himself inside the prison and sent it to his mates.

In the picture, he said to be shown holding the most important key of all, the one that locks all the passage doors and the cell doors.

The trainee told the heads that he just wanted to brag about how great his new job was.

With pictures in the wrong hand, a fake or duplicate key could cause a massive brawl or an attempt to move out of the prison are possible.

The prison currently is home to around 657 inmates.

It is not known on who alerted the prison about the picture that the intern had took.

Sebastian Brux, the spokesperson of the jail, confirmed the news and said that the passage doors and cell locks have been changed.

Yikes, that’s a lot of work and money.

It cost the prison around €50,000 to replace the safety system.

It was later said that the intern was banned from entering the house and his internship was ended right away.

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