Chinese state media promotes China by using video of Swiss Alps

A Chinese state media company is making headlines all over the world right now after they were caught promoting their country by using a video of the Swiss Alps. Major facepalm incident. China Daily, a state-controlled media company, was called out on Twitter after they shared a video of an “unnamed” countryside location in the […]


Woman Shows Botched Plastic Surgery Which Turned Her Nose Black With Rotten Flesh Falling Off

An actress and singer from China is making headlines all over the world after she shared images of her nose, which had turned black after a botched up plastic surgery. She also said that the flesh of the nose was rotting and was falling off. Gao Liu, a Chinese actress and singer, said that she […]


Dog Leaves Everyone In Tears After Being Filmed Holding Sign Where They Begged Thieves To Return His BFF

A golden retriever is currently viral on social media after they were filmed holding a sign where they were seen begging thieves to return their best friend. Maomao used to play with Doudou, the dog of his neighbor, at a park in Xinxiang, which is located in the Henan province of China. The 2 lovely […]


Hitman Who Hired Hitman Who Hired Hitman Who Hired Hitman Who Hired Another Hitman Go To Jail Together

Well, not the hitman you should have hired. 5 dumb criminals in China are currently making headlines all over the world because of their botched up job. The men are currently being labeled as the dumbest hitmen ever. Tan Youhui, a businessman, hired a hitman named Xi Guangan for $282,000 so they could have their […]