Man Pulls Down His Shorts To Show His Bum For Google Maps

Hilarious images are caught on camera and once they go viral on social media, people love it and share it right away. This is exactly what happened to a man from Spain. They are currently viral on social media for showing their bum for Google Maps images. Yep, that happened and it is hilarious. A […]

PY Goh
January 19, 2021


Woman Cracks Her Teeth After Eating Fireworks Thinking They Were Popping Candy

A woman from the United Kingdom ended up cracking her teeth after she ate fireworks thinking that they were popping candy. Yes, that happened and it’s hilarious and saddening at the same time. Lisa Boothroyd, who is from Warwickshire, UK, found a box full of “Fun Snaps” along with the sweets that she  got from […]

Pei Yong
January 19, 2021