Google Maps User Finds Massive UFO Mothership Over Florida

Are aliens real? Do you believe in them? Do you think they live with us? A person might have just proved that they are visiting us. A giant extra terrestrial mothership was spotted by a internet users roaming over Florida, USA, on Google Maps and the internet is going mad over it. A stunned reddit […]

PY Goh
March 1, 2021


Oregon Man Captures Images Of Extremely Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox In A Parking Lot

A man from Oregon captured images of an extremely rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox that was roaming freely at a parking lot. Watch the video below: The images are currently viral on social media right now. Alan Miles, who is from Bend, Oregon, said that he was in the parking lot of Skyliner in Mount […]

Pei Yong
February 28, 2021