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Indian Woman Gives Property Worth $135,000 To Rickshaw Puller Who Served Her For 25 Years

Want to change someone’s life? The change starts with you. In what we can call a “supreme act of compassion”, a 63-year-old woman from Indian ended up giving her property, which is worth around Rs. 1 crore (135,000 USD), to a rickshaw puller who served her for 25 years. Minati Patnaik donated her 3 storey […]

Sahil Varma
November 15, 2021


Kitten Born With 4 Ears Finds Forever Home

A kitten that was born with 4 ears has found its forever home. Midas, a 4-month-old cat, is a Russian blue mix that was recently adopted by a woman in Turkey after no one wanted to adopt her. Midas went viral after the pictures of the cat were shared on Instagram. According to a report […]

PY Goh
November 15, 2021


Taxi Driver Finds World’s Most Venomous Spider In Bag Of Bananas

A taxi driver found the world’s most venomous spider in a bag of bananas that he had bought from a supermarket. Joe Stein, who is 37, said that he found the spider when he opened his bag of fruit. The 2-inch spider was hanging from the fruit and was left terrified when he saw the […]

Pei Yong
November 14, 2021


Model Says She Suffers With Disorder That Caused Her To Cheat On 3 Boyfriends

A model from Australia recently said in an interview that she suffers from a brain disorder that caused her to cheat on her 3 former boyfriends. Kanika Batra, who has a narcissistic personality disorder, says that her brain disorder made her commit things that dismantled her relationship with men. The disorder she has causes her […]

Pei Yong
November 13, 2021